I do the work that I do because it's exciting to me, it's challenging.

Glass is an incredible material that has unlimited possibilities as to what you do with glass and make with glass - it's mesmerizing.

I like that it's fascinating to both watch and work with and allows me to express myself and what I find appealing and attractive.

The movement and the fluidity of glass itself. The material can be really soft or hard & stiff.

I really enjoy the teamwork & how fast paced, limited time to do what you need to do.

It requires dedication and really is a way of life.

I love the anticipation of working with a piece and then seeing it the next day.

I like the heat and the danger – glassblowing is exhilarating, motivating and fulfilling.

Attempting to control something that's uncontrollable.

It's not something that just anyone can do.

I like that glass as a medium is timeless – it's been around forever!

Glass has always interested me. I grew up with interesting pieces and when I went to NY and walked out of the elevator I knew that was what I wanted to do. The same with Murano.

Continue learning about the material, never stop creating new things, creating work that inspires and impresses me and other people and draws their attention.

To make things that haven't been made by anybody else or that are unlike anybody else's work in their uniqueness, design, appearance, shape & theme.

Focusing on learning different techniques so that I can combine them in unique ways.

I love the learning process and seeing myself improve.

Materials that stand out to me are warm, fun and exciting – appealing.

Translucent colors.

I look at other people's work and watch glassblowing videos to explore what is possible. I practice those techniques & put different processes together.

I got into cane by seeing pieces that had cane in it and was amazed that you could do that with glass. It offered unlimited options for designs and pattern – the optics, texture of cane.


The work that draws my attention typically uses cane – beautiful results that is a little different than the majority of what's out there.

I like lines and patterns.

Incalmo separates the piece into sections and allows each section to be unique but still flow together. It breaks up whatever form you have.


The shape, form and the optics and symmetry of the piece are where I like to focus.

My current work is elegant, beautiful, striking & graceful, filled with patterns & lines.

I'm exploring goblets and the balance between being quick but delicate.

Time consuming but rewarding.

No room for error.

I love the way glass moves when hot, the way it flows, and once it cools still somehow retains (captures) the same qualities.

The experience and challenge of trying to control something that’s out of control (uncontrollable) is an incredible feeling.

Glass feels, acts and reacts unlike any other substance (material, matter).

I try to capture the movement, grace, uniqueness, and transparency of the glass itself as it is when I am working it and the pieces I create.

I find myself drawn towards form, shape and repetition in my work but not when it comes to making any two pieces look alike.

Glass possesses the quality of being limitless. Anything can be done with or created out of glass.

My work represents my search, exploration and journey into those possi